Read the Shutter Count

Olympus provides its digital cameras with a service manu, that is designed to be used by their service staff only. For us hobby enthusiasts it is probably interesting to read the counters for the shutter and the sensor cleaning, e.g. when selling or bying used bodies. Most of the information has no value for us and, to be honest, I don't know much about it.

Accessing the Service Menu

Accessing the service menu slightly differs by camera model. For PEN and OM-D E-M5 mark II, and probably most compact bodies, follow this procedure: 


Group 1 bodies

Group 2 bodies

  OM-D, PEN E-Series


Turn off the camera and/or provide it with a battery.  -


Press and hold the MENU button.  -


Turn on the body.  Turn on the camera normally.


When the LDC screen shows the usual stuff, then release the MENU button and ...  Open the door for the memory card


... quite immediately press it once again shortly, as if you would access the menu.  You will see the card-cover open warning now.


Access the spanner menu item (no 5 on the left) as shown in (A) and then the LCD menu item (no. 3 on the right) and press RIGHT, as if you access the menu item normally.  -


Now (B) the magic comes. Press INFO ...  Press simultanously DISPLAY and OK (E1, E-300 and E-500) or MENU and OK respectively (all other E models)


... and OK. You will see the start screen of the servce menu. (C)  -


The magic is not done yet. Press UP, ... Press UP, ...


... DOWN, ... DOWN,


... LEFT, ... LEFT,


... RIGHT, ... RIGHT,


... the shutter release, ... the shutter release,


... and UP again. Now you see page 1 of the service menu (D)
(If you press OK instead, then you'll end up in screen H)
... and UP again. Now you see page 1 of the service menu (D)
(If you press OK instead, then you'll end up in screen H)


Press RIGHT for page 2 (E) Press RIGHT for page 2 (E)


Press DOWN for page 3 (F) Press DOWN for page 3 (F)


Press LEFT for page 4 (G) Press LEFT for page 4 (G)


Turn the camera off and on again to return to normal operations. Close the card door to return to normal operations.


Correlating screens


OM-D E-M5 mk II











The information found in the service menu

Page Letter Meaning
1 U

Main user CPU area

1 B

Boot area

1 L

This seems to be related to the lens attached. I know the following values so far:
1000 120A - Pansonic Lumix G 25mm 1.7
1000 121A - M.Zuiko 30mm Macro
1100 110A - M.Zuiko 17mm 1.8
1102 110A - M.Zuiko ED 12-50 3.5-6.3 EZ
1201 110A - M.Zuiko 45mm 1.8
1200 120A - M.ZUIOKO DIGITAL 14-42 mm  F3.5-5.6
- - - -  - - - -  Manual lenses without any digital connection such as the Olympus 9mm lens cap or any 7.5mm Samyang fisheye and many others.

1 F Seems to be related to the flash.
1 other No idera, really
2 R/MS

R: Number of shutter releases, including silent and non silent (most bodies show R)

MS: Number of mechanical shutter releases (OM-D E-M1 mark II and maybe newer bodies too)

2 S Flash fire count. (Apparently system flash only)
2 C Cleaning mode count, as driven by the user.
2 U Total number of times the ultras sonic filter (USF, sensor cleaning) is being used, including those driven by the user and automatically controlled by the camera
2 V Live view count, which is apparently not used on any model.
2 B Number of shots taken with IBIS (in-body stabilization) enabled
2 L

don't know

3 CS

Serial number as displayed on the body.
Number 00000001 is an indication that the main board has been echanged, probably by the service to fix an issue. 


Main CPU serial number. Contains Olympus' internal model number, year and month of manufacture in the format:
SSSS - Model number (see below for more details)
Y - Last digit of the year of manufacture. Eg. 5 for 2015, 9 for 2009. (No idea yet if 2019 would use 9 again or represented by A or something else) 
MM - Month, 01 for January to 12 for December
UUUUUUUUU - unknown 9 digits


Not really known. Apparently its first 7 digits seem to follow some similar pattern as the MCS does.

4 D

Damage codes. Each damage has a 4-digit hexadecimal damage code, followed by x and the number of occasions of the error. In the event that more than one error code was recorded then the latest occurrence is on top. Some error codes seem to be temporarily.

Fortunately I cannot yet provide any example yet.

Model Numbers

Some of the model numbers as displayed in Page 3 as the first 4 digits of MCS are ...

Code Olympus camera mode
0273 XZ-1
2660 Sylus 1
4001 E-1
4007 E-300
4011 E-500
4016 E-330
4023 E-400
4031 E-3
4038 E-410
4046 E-510
4060 E-420, E-450
4067 E-520
4073 E-30
4080 E-600, E-620
4087 E-P1
4096 E-P2
4102 E-PL1
4109 E-5
4118 E-PL2
4142 E-P3
4131 E-PL3
4134 E-PM1
4138 OM-D E-M5
4140 E-PM2, E-PL5
4151 OM-D E-M1
4158 OM-D E-M10
4161 E-PL7
4166 OM-D E-M5 mk II
4180 E-PL8
4183 OM-D E-M1 mk II
4189 OM-D E-M10 mk III


All of this information is empirically researched and/or taken from various sources on the internet. This is no official information from Olympus. Therefore it cannot be guaranteed that this information is correct at all.